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Everyone deserves to be pampered in a modern serene atmosphere. In our stylish, clean and relaxing setting, you are treated to the highest quality services and products you can trust. T Nails - Nail salon 37934 is one of best places in the city of Knoxville to receive spa treatments, massages, nail art designs, and more at value prices!
Relaxing, pampering, or just for the fun of it — T Nails has day spa packages for every taste and desire. WE BELIEVE THAT QUALITY DOES NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE, JUST EXPECTED!

T Nails - Manicure
Firstly, you need to keep your nails healthy from the inside out. This involves the foods you consume daily. Nutrition plays an important role in the functioning of our bodies from the tips of your fingers to your toes. In fact, your nails can tell a lot about your nutritional status. You should eat the right foods to take care of your nails. The calcium, iron and antioxidants in dark, leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale and collard greens can boost nail health. Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other yellow veggies are packed with vitamin A which help keep your nails shiny and avoid dryness. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, coenzyme R and vitamin H, promotes healthy cell growth and aids in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that are essential for nail growth. Biotin is most concentrated in organ meats such as liver, but can also be found in dairy products, and especially in avocado.
Nail salon 37934 | T Nails | Knoxville, TN 37934
Nail salon Knoxville - T Nails

Are you obsessed with yellow manicures? As one of the hottest shades right now, this bright hue is sure to make a great addition to your manicure routine. You can rock these at the beach, the office, or a night out with your friends – they match all events. Plus, it’s impossible to ignore. Girls all have a slight obsession with white. It is a classic go-to color because it matches with anything and everything. It is too fresh, stylish, chic, and versatile to pass up! White nails are great if you want something sophisticated and elegant.
Black nail polish does always match your clothes so it is chosen by lots of ladies most of the time. Someone has said: “People who choose black as their favorite color are often artistic and sensitive”. If you are the ones that love black nails, tell us if it’s true!

T Nails - Pedicure
Traditional Pedicure
Soak in sea salts then your nails are trimmed, filed, smoothed and your calluses are buffed away. Next, you will enjoy a soothing massage and gentle exfoliation from your knees all the way to your toes, finishing up with a nail polish color of your choice.
Spa Pedicure
Sink into a pedicure throne and let your soles be pampered. Soak in sea salts while your nails are trimmed, filed, smoothed and your calluses are buffed away. Dry skin will be rubbed away with the body polish. A massage and mask will rejuvenate tired and sore muscles, followed by a paraffin dip to moisten and refresh your feet to promote pain relief, dry skin relief and moisturizing. Finish with a polish of your choice and be on your way with attractive and rejuvenated feet.
Nail salon 37934 | T Nails | Knoxville, TN 37934
T Nails - French Manicure
The basic difference between a French Manicure and an American one is to do with the colour and in some salons the shape of the finished nails might be also slightly different. A classic French Manicure uses a pinky tone clear base all over the nail and then a dense white tip is painted across the ends.The french manicure gradient works well on shorter nails as there isn't a sharp white edge that shows where the nail bed ends and the nail tip begins. It gives the illusion that the nail tips are longer as the white tip gradient fades. 

T Nails - Waxing
One of the best benefits of waxing is that your skin will feel smooth and even. When waxing, you not only remove unwanted hair—you also wax away any dry and dead skin cells in the process. No cuts. With waxing, you aren't at risk to any cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars from shaving. Waxing removes the entire hair, from the root or follicle. Waxing for hair removal comes in two consistencies – hard wax and soft wax. ... Compared to shaving, waxing exfoliates more of your skin. Unless you have particularly sensitive skin, waxing will give you very smooth skin because it will remove hair and dead skin.

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